Expert Computer Repair in Grants Pass, OR since 2006!

Welcome to the web site of Adventures in Computing. We are conveniently located just outside downtown Grants Pass at 531 NE E street. Our locally owned shop is dedicated to providing exceptional service at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of services from system cleaning and virus scans to new machine builds and network setup.
Our fast and efficient service guarantees that you will not have long, unnecessary wait times to get your computer back. We always give free diagnostics and are happy to look at any problem no matter how big or small.

Years of experience and training in the computer repair field allows us to confidently provide quality hardware and diagnostics ensuring the most reliable operations of your computer. Constructed with care, our pride in our craft is etched into every new computer we build. Our new computers use full fledged, non-proprietary hardware meaning you can get replacement parts and service from any shop in the country.

Be Safe and Secure!

Today’s Internet has become a very wild and dangerous place for users of all experience levels. No longer do you have to go out of your way to become infected with the latest annoying or dangerous virus or malicious program. We can scour your computer for those insidious infections as well as help you prevent being re-infected. Our goal is to make every computer that leaves our store to be clean and protected as possible as well as educate our users in safe browsing habits. Unfortunately there is no 100% successful anti-virus program on the market so we utilize several very effective scanning programs to clean every last virus out of your system.

To combat today’s virus and spyware-ridden Internet we have developed a comprehensive, multi-program scanning system. Booting to our self contained operating system allows our scanners full access to every file on your hard drive. Nothing can be locked out or hidden by Windows. Isolated network connections ensure that no viruses will be spread between customers machines while on our bench. Not only can we remove the viruses, we can recommend excellent free software to help prevent future infections.

Let Us Build You a Custom Computer!

Whether its a simple office computer for surfing the Internet and reading documents, or a screaming fast gaming monster machine, we can build it to your exact specifications and work around your budget. For years we have been building gaming and general purpose computers that are balanced between speed and affordability for residents of the Rogue Valley. We follow a philosophy of “more bang for your buck” and it really shows in our custom-built machines. We also have several preconfigured models for customers to choose from.

We are avid computer gaming enthusiasts and know what it takes to create a machine worthy of the latest and greatest games on the market in both performance and cooling.